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Travel for a Cause

Travel for a Cause

Travel for a Cause: When you book a trip with us, we think you are a traveler who loves to visit the Himalayan Region of Nepal, but when you book a "Travel for a Cause" with us, we think you are more than a traveler, and we respect this feeling from the bottom of our heart. The definition of social responsibility could be wide, but when you book a "Travel for a Cause" with Travel Max Guide, you will be helping the underprivileged children through the sister organization called Fan Act Nepal. Your help and support goes for the needy and desperate children in rural areas in Nepal.


As you do a "Travel for a Cause," with Travel Max Guide (TMG), you are a part of the Responsible Travel, and you are also a part of the Sustainable Travel, and what you will be doing during "Travel for a Cause" is you will not only be visiting your favorite destination, but will also work with Fan Act Nepal after you have finished visiting your favorite destination or before, or it is entirely up to you how you want to do, we mean you can customize this travel; you can tailor-made this travel. As we know, you have booked this travel, and we have found that you are a traveler who loves to shoulder social responsibilities, who wants to do something helpful, and who wants to help poverty-stricken children in Nepal.


The definitions of the underprivileged and the needy children are also wide, and their faces will show you, and these children are poor children; these children are disadvantaged children; these children are orphans.


Travel for a Cause or Traveling for a Cause is also Traveling for Volunteerism, and no place is better than Nepal when it comes to Volunteer Holidays because Nepal is a pleasant and place where your effort impact in a meaningful way, at the same time, Nepal is naturally beautiful. It meets your social purpose and also your visit purpose, and also what you want to do in a Volunteer Holiday. Nepal has both of the best world.


About your holidays, you can go through our some of the exclusive packages or you may send us your own ideas and later on we will wave it in a way that we deserve to be. As simply as local. For that one, please do us contact via email or make a call for us. For more details, please have a look on our contact page.



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