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Home Stay

Home Stay

Homestay Trek: When you are in Nepal, let's not be like a tourist, but like a Nepali through homestay trek. This trek is the best trek to experience and enjoy the culture and lifestyles of the local people from a close space. The trek also exceeds your expectations by adding a beautiful valley, white waterfall, and the panoramic view of the great Himalayas. Home is sweet; sweet home Nepal; home sweet home; this is what you get in the Nepali Family during your stay who is friendly, loving, helpful, and hardworking. Homestay trek is designed for those who want to know the values that the Nepali Family gives emphases to.


The truth about the homestay trek is it includes steep trekking trail which is easy and takes you to the villages that have the basic facilities of accommodation, bathroom, and toilets. But the meals will be of standard type; there will be Nepali meals, and they are full of nutritional values. In some villages, you have to go to a stone tap for washing and bathing. The stone tap has 24 hours water supply naturally. You will also have an opportunity to see the witch doctor performing his activities. This is going to be a lifetime experience. Some villages have only the indigenous people where you will experience their rich culture and traditions. Most of these villages are in the Everest and the Annapurna Region. Langtang Region is also the best for homestay trek.


The best months for homestay trek are January to May and August to December. October and November are the best of all because the weather is pleasant, not so cold and not so hot. If you trek in the Annapurna Region, you will see all the famous mountains of the region. Similarly, if you trek in the Everest  Region, you will see Mt. Everest. Langtang Region also has beautiful mountains.


Keeping your requirements in mind, Travel Max Guide has designed the itinerary of homestay trek so that you can go to the past in the rural area, at the same time understand how much helpful are local people and enjoy the speechless beauty of the snow-covered mountains.



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