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Classical Jiri to Everest Trek- 25 Days

NOTE: What we have said, we will provide you all. Please tell us if you need extra. We do not want you only to become happy, but also from happier to the happiest throughout your trip. Having said this, we cannot control the bad weather as well as the other thing, like bandh by the political parties. This thing will lead to a change in your itinerary, but our sole purpose will be to follow it and to take you from one place to another safely. As regards this, we would like to tell you now that you should bring some extra cash for the above situation or for extra days, which are not included in the itinerary, however, it is just like once in a blue moon because Nepal is 99% politically stable country.


Flight Delay / Flight Cancel to Lukla or from Lukla

Flight delay or cancelation is of temporary nature. It is one of the most unwanted things. There is a reason for flight cancelation, and one of the most obvious reasons is the weather. After all, neither an airline nor should you fly in heavy rain, dense fog, and thunderstorm. Everybody is concerned with their safety. No airline wants to strands its passenger, but this is better than flying in bad weather. It may be sunny in Kathmandu, but in Lukla, there might be a heavy snowfall. Please see in our website the trekking seasons because flight delay and cancellation is rare during this time still, the weather cannot be predicted. Therefore, we recommend you to apportion one, or two days in case your flight gets canceled. This is the reason, why we say Travel Insurance is a must, so that you can claim to the Insurance Company later.


Travel for a Cause and Transform the Lives of the Needy Children

Education is one of the basic needs of the children, and we help these children by donating money which you have paid to us for your trip. Travel Max Guide will also supply clothes and books to these children which will make a big difference. You can also sponsor one of these children or contact our local charity, for more information, you can check the website


Additionally, let us come together to work on the global cause. We are contributors to a better life and the world. Being engaged in a social response and communities’ development, those who are passionate to do something different by spreading awareness, utilizing the local resources, local ownership and governance concept develop. Can come in one umbrella, cast the vision and work in one milestone. FAN believes that together we can do which will carry out a new horizon in a significant way.


Effort for a greater impact

First Act Nepal (FAN) is a team who is working for the welfare of the children. Its objective is to empower underprivileged children. What we do is crystal clear, and the impacts can be seen on the health of children, on the education of children, and on the ways and means that will shape the future of these children. Through us, you can make a donation and participate in the child sponsorship program to support children who are vulnerable and who have lost their parents. Sharing is caring. With this view, we also support the people displaced by the disaster.

In the times of such adverse, they need urgent relief, and all their needs can be fulfilled with your help, with your generosity and kindness. Together with FAN, you can fulfill your social objectives.

FAN is running a child sponsorship program in Rasuwa, Nepal. FAN titles the program as "SEED of HOPE." This program is designed for those children who are in need of educational materials, such as uniforms, bags, and stationery. FAN is strongly guided by the principle "Love your neighbor as yourself."




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