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Honeymoon Tour

Honeymoon Tour

Honeymoon Tour

Nepal is more peaceful than any other country in the world, and this is what drives the travelers who love peace most. Along with this, coming to Nepal is easy, and spending money in Nepal always comes within your budget. But what is above all these, Nepal is blessed with natural beauties like snow-covered mountains, glaciated rivers, blue lakes, and lush forest. In addition, she is filled up with myths that are as real as life and has different religions and cultures across her small area that the travelers can visit within 10 days. Nepal is small, but a big spot for the adventurers, living in different parts in the world, but also for a couple who want to be in the adventurous place, who want to be in the luxurious hotel and resort that give them satisfaction as per the Nepali high standard. Besides these, following are the places that are fit for visiting as well as for honeymoon because they have got the elements that a couple wants to enjoy as they are together in a natural and beautiful environment.



Bandipur is famous because it is one of the homes where you see a lot of Newari people and has beautiful landscapes that always attract tourists living in various parts of the world.



Chitwan is famous for a jungle safari, and the best way to experience this is through elephant as well as through nature walk and also by being in the middle of the Tharu Community which is known for unique culture, tradition, and unmatchable hospitality service.



Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is the most developed city of Nepal, and it is located in the central part and also known by the name of the city of temples, and it also has good hotels, very good ones that can be found in Nepal. Untill now, it is the only city in Nepal that has a lot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are its major attractions that attract the tourists who go for trekking near the Himalayas as well.



Nagarkot is a hill station, and nothing can be better than it when it comes to seeing Mt Everest that will win your heart. How about being in the middle of natural beauties and looking at the snow-covered mountains from Nagarkot with your beloved partner.



Pokhara is the most popular tourist destination of Nepal after Kathmandu because it is loaded with natural beauties like lakes, rivers, waterfalls, hills, valleys, and evergreen forest, and it has too many tourism activities that you cannot say no that are not hosted in other parts of Nepal. No doubt, Pokhara can be the best honeymoon destination not only because of these but also because of hotels and resorts that are of a high class that will definitely meet the requirements of honeymoon couples at an instant.



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