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Travel Max Guide, we are a travel company, and we would also like to add we are a trekking company, and we proudly say that we are one of those few, who love to put ourselves under the list of “Different People do Things Differently”, just like you try to create a lasting impression upon your clients, who will remember how much hard you have worked work for them to give a satisfying service in the remotest regions of Nepal. Our satisfying service is not only limited to this because we also go extra miles, and we go to that keeping your needs and requirements on our travel mind, which is just similar to yours.

The only thing is you have to ask us, every day and every time, Travel Max Guide has got something for you.

On our treks, we really love to give you a discount because the world needs it. Since we are a part of this world, we really cannot go on without giving a discount to you. If you are not satisfied with our discount rate, then at least, try our service in the Himalayan Region with our trekking guide, on the trekking trail, and in the hotel, including the city and transportation. There is always a big discount for a group of 10 people. If you are a solo trekker, who has been referred by our previous client, you will get a discount, it may not be big, but you will get some. If you are a repeated client of ours, we will always give you a discount, and you know how good we are at giving a good service in all the regions of Nepal.

 A Customized Itinerary of yours will be given the topmost priority

After seeing the itinerary on our website, you might like to make your own itinerary, or you might like to make some changes. We welcome this from the bottom of our hearts.  Send your itinerary to us via email, or you can choose the easiest medium to send us, we will go through it, and we will provide the service according to your itinerary, and we will charge you accordingly. While going through your itinerary if you need some suggestions, then we will definitely give you that, so that you can travel in the remotest region of Nepal without worrying much.

Your safety is our safety and will always be so

When you say this, you can understand how much you mean to us, or you can understand how valuable you are to Travel Max Guide. If there is an unwanted situation in the remotest region of Nepal, you will find Travel Max Guide going beyond your expectation and working for you till your health is fine under the care of our trekking guide, under the care of our doctor.






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