• 13th June 2019

Why out of 100, 75 does the Everest Base Camp Trek? They want to see the world’s highest mountain. Some call it the ultimate trek; some, the epic trek, and some like to follow the footsteps of Hillary and Tenzing. And some become emotional at the sight of the beautiful mountains.

Although you will be in one of the remotest places in the world, yet you will be sufficiently happy. Casting your glance at the sweeping valley, you move forward and feel the spiritualism at the sound of the colorful fluttering Buddhist flags.

The trekking trail starts with an easy descent into a valley. You will climb uphill later. You will be walking at an altitude of 5000 m plus. You don’t want to look back, and in your heart of hearts, you want to enjoy the Everest Base Camp Trek. On the trekking route, you will come across monasteries.

Get into to see their interiors. Chant the mantras along with a priest. Take a rest at a traditional village.

Walking below Everest is testing your capacity, and looking at its massive height is seeing the indescribable glory of nature. And the walking distance you will cover is 123 km, that is, just 77 miles.

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