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Tibet Tour

Brief Introduction

Tibet history begins with Tibetan king in central China when Buddha was living in India, confusion and Lao tseu in China( 5th century BC). It can be taken as two times one is the establishment and another ending of Tibetan kingdom. During both time civil and religious problem mix and went together. In 7th-century Tibetan king, Gampo was power, he built many holy places. The Chinese Ming emperor also acknowledges the leadership of Tibetan Buddhism in China. Tibet lived very peacefully. The first European traveler visits Tibet was very much impressed by the country and inhabitant. He reported Tibet as a mystic country with modern development make easy access to see culture and people.


Trips Grades


Trips include the easiest trip, no need for climbing experiences or other technical skills for adventures, everyone can do this trip. Don’t need physically fit all-time. One the time of the trip we can use the vehicle. Trips offer in generally the lifestyles, culture, sightseeing, tours, safaris, see the panoramic views of mountains.


Walk uphill and downhill in the day time, walking through the hilly regions close views of mountains. Sometimes we need to pass the beautiful forest.


In average physical fitness, able to walk on the unpaved trails and track. Uphill and downhill most of the time. Sometimes need to pass through the glaciers. You need to have climbing experience and some skills and knowledge about the mountains and trails. Pass through the forests and the spectacular views of mountain panorama.

Very Hard

You need to have good physical condition; be ready to walk up to 8 hours a day for following days on rocky and icy terrain. Rope climbing and mountaineering skills are essential. Trips are those who seek adventure and challenge. Technical climbing equipment is required.


Excellent physical fitness condition as well as the experiences on the Himalayas; need to walk or climb in the snowy mountains, required mountaineering knowledge, and skills. Technical mountaineering types of equipment are required.



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