TMG Adventure is a tour operator based in Nepal. A travel company where you can do your trips in various ways. In plus in your style. Tourism is also a place where everyone can stand. The company operates a spiritual and pilgrimage tour. Likewise, we are also calling for evangelism, a great commandment of the Living God, so lets us come together and pray to the nations where we can break the darkness chain and pour his holy spirit.

As we are guided by-“Love your neighbor as yourself”. A company can conduct the evangelism tour in Nepal. Evangelism as a kind of mission trip, where brothers and sisters come together for his kingdom, spread God’s word. Anybody is interested to be a part of it, please let us know, we love to see you in Nepal. Let’s start today what we can for him, better to start and think later.

Such kinds of trips can bound the churches all over the world, come to the one spirit, share the joy, do the fellowship. We can conduct different kinds of trips like evangelism trips, revival camps, youth camps, recreational trips and many more trips that inspire the people around the world. Let us start today. If anybody is interested to work with us, please kindly write to us and get connected. We will work together and make our trip and the mission for his kingdom.

These trips are only to the shortlisted, we are open and flexible to set it any regions of Nepal.