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We are trekking guides, mountain guides, city guides, porters, rafting guides, and indoor employees. With these, we build a satisfying relationship with you. And we do this by adding our values. Our areas of work include the following, and we help you to achieve more.


Mountaineering (Expedition and Peak Climbing)

Touring (City Sightseeing, Cultural Tour, World Heritage Sites, Remote Village Cultural Tour, Pilgrimage Tour)

Adventure (Rafting, Biking, Honey hunting, Rock climbing, Bungy Jump)

Jungle Safaris


Filming Tour

Evangelism Tour

Tailor mad trip


You name it; you have it. 


Just like you, every customer is very important to us.


Great Communication 24/7 with the founder of Travel Max Guide


Client Happiness: A genuine understanding of your needs.


Integrity: We are honest about what we do.


Responsibility: We are also a company that works in protecting the Himalayan environment.




It's all about passion

The basics of our vision are related to travel and of course to exploration and discovery and last but not least to what you want. Our passion is centered around friendliness, caring attitude, cheerfulness, professionalism, and knowledge about places, including Nepalese culture, Nepalese history, religion, and interesting facts. This is what makes us completely different. Plus, we have diverse forms of treks, tours, and trips, and we are well qualified on each of these to give you through our committed guides, porters, and drivers.



New trips evolve with the passage of time. We have specialized in all the trips that take place in all the regions of Nepal so that you do not have to go anywhere. We have successfully completed all the trips by making our customers happy. We are also proud to say that we have a vast knowledge on what we do. As soon as we hear about a new route, we will explore it, so that we can tell you the story and prepare the itinerary. In addition, we love to share the highlights of new places, and we are very reliable on these, after all, these are what you want to see, and what you want to have on the back of your mind.



Whether it is an adventure trek or sightseeing or rafting, we make your vacation enjoyable through our experienced guide. We know every village that the trekking trail takes you to and also the lodges where you are going to spend your night, plus the food available in the remotest region of Nepal. Our service also consists of ground transportation and also of flight (according to trip). We provide you hygienic food as well as nutritious food which come under the category of local food. In our service, there is also a porter who will carry your luggage, and there is also a guide who shows you the attractions. These attractions could be snow-covered mountains, lush hills, valleys, gorges, birds, forest, waterfalls, and so on. When you travel with us, you will be with the like-minded travel partner.



We are a registered company; we are a licensed company; we have been authorized by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, and the Taxation Office.  We deliver what we promise. We have ethics to serve you honestly, and all our values and principles focus on your satisfaction and for the betterment of the environment and society. We are authentic in what we do; we are genuine in what we say; we are disciplined in our thought as well as in our action. We tell you this because the advanced money that you pay to us is at a safe hand. We do care about your hard-earned money. In addition, we can create the best travel experience. We can plan and execute your trip effectively. We care for your safety too.



In the definition of Travel Max Guide, teamwork means working together in the times of happiness as well as in the times of difficulties, such as during Altitude Mountain Sickness and the unwanted situation. It also means working full time and serving you until your trip is finished. It also means giving support, providing supervision, and depending on one another. In addition, our teamwork consists of open communication with our clients, agents, and office staffs. It also includes efficient cooperation in a timely manner, interpersonal behavior, motivation, and problem-solving process.


Tailor-made Trip

A tailor-made trip is a trip that we love to organize in a way you want because we give the topmost priority to your needs, expectations, and requirements. You will be fully satisfied during Tailor-made trip, after all, it's your trip.



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