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About TMG

Unleash your dream through Travel Max Guide

Nepal is a third world country, but do you also know that it is the cheapest and safest destination in the world to travel. In addition to this, you will find Nepal as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its Himalayas are what pull you. This side of nature is the world's most beautiful natural thing that God has ever created.


After making familiar with the trekking trails that go to these Himalayas, Travel Max Guide was finally created. With it, you can travel to Nepal in your own styles as well as within your budget, and at the same time, it gives you a lot of travel suggestions. The fact is we all had worked in the travel industry with lots of clients in the remote parts of Nepal as well as in the most developed parts of Nepal. We also know the basic facilities available in the remotest parts of Nepal.


Whatever you want to know about your trip or whatever kind of social service you love to do, ask us, we will reply you within 24 hours. We love these questions, and of course, we also love to have questions on discount, personal attention, and care, and FAN, our sister organization, is a non-profit organization through which you can help deprived children.


We are a registered company; we are a licensed company; we have been authorized by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, and the Taxation Office.


Our Mission Vision and Values:


Mission: helping people and companies travel voguish and accomplish more.


Vision: to be the world’s most trustable and progressive travel management company.




It's all about Passion

The basics of our vision are related to travel and of course to exploration and discovery and last but not least to what type of customized service you want. They are centered around friendliness, caring attitude, cheerfulness, and knowledge about places, including Nepalese history, religion, and interesting facts. Plus, we have diverse forms of treks, tours, and trips.



New trips evolve with the passage of time, and we are ready to specialize in all the trips that take place in all the regions of Nepal so that you do not have to go anywhere.



Whether it is an adventure trek or sightseeing or rafting, we have experienced guides. They know every village that the trekking trail takes you to and also the lodges where you are going to spend your night, plus the food available in the remotest region of Nepal. Their service also includes portering and showing you the attractions, such as the snow-covered mountains, lush hills, valleys, gorges, birds, forest, waterfalls, and so on. When you travel with them, you will be with the like-minded travel traveler.



We deliver what we have said. We tell you this because the advanced money that you pay to us is at a safe hand.



In the definition of Travel Max Guide, teamwork means working together in the times of happiness as well as in the times of difficulties, such as during Altitude Mountain Sickness and the unwanted situation. It also means working full time and serving you until your trip is finished. It also means giving support, providing supervision, and depending on one another.


Tailor-made Trip

A tailor-made trip is a trip that we love to organize in a way you want because we give the topmost priority to your needs, expectations, and requirements.



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