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Travel Max Guide. What are we? We are a travel company made for you. We are also a trekking company that loves to walk along with you in all the regions of Nepal. We are the people, who don’t do different things but do things differently. Just like you, who love to create a lasting impression upon your clients, we also do the same by giving a satisfying service to you as much as possible in the remotest regions in Nepal. Write to us about how you want to travel in Nepal, we will accomplish your dream in the Nepali-hospitality style. Yes, we mean in all the tastes of Nepal.

Very much, Travel Max Guide believes in smooth operation. Before you arrive in Nepal, we want to go, according to your needs and requirements. We are pre-planned to make you happy.

Not only on treks but also on other tourism activities we love to give you a discount. Because it is your hard-earned money. To give a discount is to respect your feelings. Travel Max Guide cannot go on without giving a discount. As you enjoy our service in the Himalayan Region with our trekking guide, on the trekking trail, in the hotel, in the city, and in the transportation, you find you are having so much at a discounted price. If you are a solo trekker, who has been referred by our previous client, you will get a discount, it may not be big, but you will get it. If you are a repeated client of ours, we will always give you a discount, and you know how good we are at giving service. There is always a big discount for a group of 10 people.

Travel Max Guide loves to work on a customized Itinerary because it is like caring about your inner feelings

We have all the trekking itineraries that you want to do in Nepal. As you go through our itinerary, if you need some suggestions, then we will definitely give you that, so that you can travel in the remotest region of Nepal without worrying. You can customize the itineraries of our website that are short and long. We welcome this from the bottom of our hearts. We will provide the service according to your itinerary. Send your itinerary to us via email, or you can choose the easiest medium to send us; we will go through it to reply within 24 hours.

Your safety is our safety and will always be so

If there is an unwanted situation in the remotest region of Nepal, you will find Travel Max Guide going beyond your expectation and working for you till your health is fine under the care of our trekking guide, porter, and doctor. Our guides are well-trained in dealing with altitude mountain sickness. They can carry you on their back uphill and downhill. If your condition is serious, then they will get a helicopter for you. When you say this, you can understand how much you mean to us, or you can understand how much value you are to Travel Max Guide. Close your eyes and book your trip to have the service of a well-trained guide in the Himalayan Region.

Whatever you want to know about your trip or whatever kind of social service you love to do, ask us, we will reply to you within 24 hours. We love these questions, and of course, we also love to have questions on discount, personal attention, and care, and First Act Nepal (FAN), our social wing that works for the well being of children in Nepal.

Travel Max Guide is a registered company; we are a licensed company; we have been authorized by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Industry Department, and the Taxation Office.

Mission: helping people and companies travel voguish and accomplish more.

We aspire to be the world’s most trustable and progressive travel management company.

Missions and Values

The basics of our vision are related to travel and of course to exploration and discovery and last but not least to what type of customized service you want. They are centered around friendliness, caring attitude, cheerfulness, and knowledge about places, including Nepalese history, religion, and interesting facts. Plus, we have diverse forms of treks, tours, and trips.

New trips evolve with time. We have specialized in all the trips that take place in all the regions of Nepal so that you do not have to go anywhere. We have completed all the trips by making our customers happy. We are also proud to say that we have a vast knowledge on what we do. As soon as we hear about a new route, we will explore it, so that we can tell you the story and prepare the itinerary. Also, we love to share the highlights of new places, and we are very reliable on these, after all, these are what you want to see, and what you want to have on the back of your mind.

Whether it is an adventure trek or sightseeing or rafting, we have experienced guides. They know every village that the trekking trail takes you to and also the lodges where you are going to spend your night, plus the food available in the remotest region of Nepal. Their service also includes portering and showing you the attractions, such as the snow-covered mountains, lush hills, valleys, gorges, birds, forest, waterfalls, and so on. When you travel with them, you will be with the like-minded travel traveler.

We deliver what we have said. We tell you this because the advanced money that you pay to us is at a safe hand.

In the definition of Travel Max Guide, teamwork means working together in the times of happiness as well as in the times of difficulties, such as during Altitude Mountain Sickness and the unwanted situation. It also means working full time and serving you until your trip is finished. It also means giving support, providing supervision, and depending on one another.

A tailor-made trip is a trip that we love to organize in a way you want because we give the topmost priority to your needs, expectations, and requirements.

In my 2 week stay, John was very professional and took me around to experience all that Kathmandu and surrounding areas has to offer. Sites were seen and many locals were met through John's network. He is a kind man who will take care of any issue no matter how big or small. I highly recommend his company for any travel needs you may have....


I was in Nepal for the Everest Base Camp Trek. Outstanding sceneries and good hospitality. On the way to the base camp, I got an opportunity to visit Bthe uddhist monastery as well as got some information about Buddhism. That was great. Our guide and porter were awesome. Very kind and helpful. Thank you, TMG....


Trekking with Travel Max Guide was an amazing experience. My selection of a trip and the company were excellent and of a right decision. In each moment of my walk, I came across adventure and discovered something new. I remember my first step on the Everest Base Camp. The view was spectacular. Passing through the Sherpa communities and staying in Namche Bazaar is unforgettable. I miss the trip very much. Anyway, thank you so much for your service while I was in Nepal. See you next time for the Annapurna Circuit Trek....


Originally from the United State of America from the city of Los Angeles where life is busy and rush. I made a trip with TMG. It's a new experience than I excepted. I found Nepalese people really welcoming. They really love tourists. While trekking in the Everest region, I got time to spend with nature, gained plenty of ideas of culture and tradition from the Himalayas. The trip was totally mind-blowing. TMG has a good team spirit and is dedicated to serving guest and trekkers....


Hi! it's me, Anna from Central London, I am a landscape photographer, love to take pictures of landscapes and portraits all around the world. My trip to Nepal was awesome with the TMG guys. TMG managed well during my trip. Plus point is TMG members are also photographers. I worked with the team for 5 weeks on video and photography projects. I highly recommend the TMG team if you want to know beautiful Nepal....


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